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Universal Tractor Oil STOU 10W-40 20L (WZ135000060/5)

Item-no.: WZ135000060/5

Brand:  MW Parts
MW Parts

MW PARTS STOU 10W-40 is intended for use in diesel and gasoline engines, including turbocharged diesel engines, as well as for hydraulic systems and transmissions with a common oil filling. It can also be used for axle drives if no special oil of API class GL-5 is required. With the viscosity class SAE 10W-40, it enables year-round supply and reliably ensures very good cold start behavior and excellent response of the hydraulic systems. The special additive prevents the development of noise and stick-slip phenomena on powershift clutches running in an oil bath and wet brakes.

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336 x 383 x 225mm
Content Volumen
20 L
Packaging unit
Recommendations for use in general
ESN-M2C134-B • ESN-M2C134-C
Recommendations for use Allison
C-4/TES 228
Recommendations for use CaseIH
MS 1206 • MS 1207 • MS 1209
Recommendations for use Caterpillar
Recommendations for use CNJ
MAT 3525 • MAT 3526
Recommendations for use Fendt
KDM 41.2011
Recommendations for use Ford
ESN-M2C134-D • M2C 159-B • M2C 159-C
Recommendations for use John Deere
JDM J20 C • JDM J20 D • JDM J27
Recommendations for use Massey Ferguson
M 1139 • M 1143 • M 1144 • M 1145
Recommendations for use Mercedes Benz
MB-Empfehlung 227.1 • MB-Empfehlung 228.3 • MIL -L-2104 C
Recommendations for use New Holland
Recommendations for use ZF
TE-ML 06B • TE-ML 06A • TE-ML 06D • TE-ML 06F
excellent wear protection • can be used all year round • very good cold start properties
Content weight
18.6 kg
API CG-4 • API GL4 • API SF • DIN 51524 Teil 3 (HVLP) • HVLP-D (ISO VG 46-100)
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