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Return conditions

Returns always need to contain a copy of the delivery note or a copy of the invoice

The following return conditions apply to goods and items purchased by MW PARTS:

In general, a distinction must be made between the two terms return and claim.

Returns include goods that are incorrect or no longer needed by the customer. It is also considered to be a return if the delivery took too long and the customer doesn´t want to wait or if he ordered the item in a higher quantity than needed. In this case, the customer shall bear the costs of the return shipment and shall appoint an appropriate carrier.

When something went wrong on the site of MW PARTS it is considered a complaint. This may be the case, for example, if a wrong part has been delivered, the part is inoperable, defects in the external condition are present, there is an undersupply or oversupply at the time of the order, or even if the delivery has not taken place within the agreed period. These are to be offset by a new delivery or a credit note. Therefore, if it is a mistake made by MW PARTS, they will bear the costs for the return and new delivery.

Spare parts can be returned to MW PARTS free of charge within 30 days, regardless of whether it is a return or complaint, as far as stock goods are concerned. The return delivery takes place upon presentation of the corresponding delivery note as well as further information. These will be explained later. If the goods are not in stock or the above-mentioned deadline is not met, the goods can be returned to MW PARTS for a storage fee.

Should the return be accepted by the seller despite a disregard of the deadline or the fact that it is not in stock, a storage fee will be charged, which is staggered as follows:
- returns up to 30 Days = 0%
- returns up to 2 months = 15%
- returns between 2 and 4 months = 30%

These corresponding percentages are measured by the gross value(Brutto – Warenwert) of the goods in the complaint. The return of goods ordered incorrectly is generally excluded after expiry of the deadlines and in case that it is not possible to store them again. The basis for the calculation is the delivery date. In the event of an increased return rate of more than 20 % of individual customers, we reserve the right to charge an additional storage fee for the respective returns.

Goods older than 4 months can no longer be returned. In general, every return requires approval from MW PARTS. In addition, a gross list price of at least 10 € per individual item is required for a successful return. Otherwise, the customer's returns positions will (Retouren Position) be rejected and therefore cannot be credited.

Returns must be registered in advance. Should the buyer intend to return delivered goods, he can process this under the item customer center in the returns section directly in the webshop. Alternatively, you can register for returns here . After the customer filed the complaint a confimation will be sent via email. Excluded are returned goods which have not been declared in advance or which have been declared in another way will incur a handling fee of 10 €. Goods that do not comply with the return conditions will be returned at the expense of the customer. Nevertheless, e-mail inquiries must be addressed to retoure@mwparts.com and should contain the following informations: reason of return, part numbers, delivery note number, quantity and date of the order as well as a short description.

The return of all special items, or spare parts specially ordered for the customer from the supplier, are generally excluded from return. Electronic components such as electronic boxes, RAM cards, instrument panels, circuit boards and products after the expiration date are also excluded from the return. The same applies to batteries. The latter due to the dangerous goods regulations. Freight costs will be calculated. Depending on the supplier, this may also apply to seals. All items that are excluded from the return are also identified and marked as such in the online shop.

Returns and complaints must generally be sent to the following address:
MW Parts GmbH
Industriestraße 35 - 39
D-28876 Oyten

Returns need to be claimed with a copy of the delivery note or a copy of the invoice.

The goods and the packaging must be in perfect condition and should not be damaged. If the goods or the original packaging is damaged, or if the goods have already been installed in the vehicle, a return is excluded. In these cases, the goods will be returned to the customer for a fee at his expense. The same applies in the context of warranty cases. Opened packaging units will also not be taken back.

Transport damages can only be processed if they have been claimed on the day after dispatch by 11:00 am. Friday shipments can be claimed the following Monday until 11:00 am. If there is a clear defect of the part or if there are obvious defects, MW PARTS must be notified immediately and within 14 days at the latest by written notification.

The liability regulation of the freight forwarder generally excludes the settlement of damages if there is no depot or if there is no agreement with the freight forwarder. Complaints must be registered with us in advance. If a complaint is necessary due to product defects, a spare parts warranty application must be submitted.

This is also to be noted in the claim or guarantee form for easier processing by MW PARTS. If the complaints are about wrong deliveries (e. g. exchanged goods, price differences etc.), the goods will be exchanged free of charge. MW PARTS will bear the transport costs to compensate for this misdelivery.

It is important to note that the warranty guidelines and an appropriate form are listed separately in the online shop of MW PARTS as well.

No liability is assumed for damage caused by the following reasons: inappropriate or improper use, incorrect assembly or commissioning by the purchaser or third parties, natural wear and tear, incorrect or negligent handling, unsuitable equipment, replacement materials, defective construction work, unsuitable building ground; chemical, electronic or electrical influences, unless they are due to the fault of the seller. Liability for the consequences arising from such changes or repairs made improperly by the buyer or third parties without the seller’s prior approval shall be waived.