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MW PARTS - part of your workshop

MW PARTS - Teil deiner Landtechnik-Werkstatt

MW PARTS is your partner for all agricultural technology and workshop projects - for maintenance, servicing and repairs.

We are your technical advisor, who you can contact at any time. We are your partner, delivering when you need it. We are the colleague you can rely on if you ever need things to proceed quickly.

Whether you're in the yard, in the field, or in the workshop. We provide online or personally support, no matter where you are, for our objective is clear: the machine needs to keep running!



You need a partner to provide you with consistent, reliable quality, offering unbeatable value for money. You need a partner who approaches jobs as professionally, quickly, and passionately as you do.

Our vision is: "MW PARTS - PART OF YOU". For us, you are the center of our action and not “just” the product. Only when you are satisfied, are we satisfied. It's not about delivering parts, there's much more to it than that!



For us, to be available means having the right parts you need. However, we also think available means that we are there for you at any time. "Part of you" means partnership and dialogue via all channels of communication. We deliver reliably and with consistently high quality.

  • / 100,000 parts in stock and with you within 24 hours
  • / 5 million parts in the online store, and with you within 2-3 days

We're here when you need us:

  • / In our online-shop
  • / Via e-Mail
  • / Via chat
  • / Via WhatsApp
  • / Via social media
  • / Via phone


We are the new engine for your workshop and want to drive you forward. We have a product range to meet your needs - and a service that flexibly adapts to your working day.

Whether it's a professional workshop, a company workshop or a private workshop, our daily goal is to provide you with the solutions you need. With specialists who look forward to receiving your orders. Quickly ordered, quickly delivered: Because you need support now, not tomorrow!

Efficient logistics:

  • / Flexible storage systems
  • / Fast order processing
  • / Fast delivery – rush order on demand

Digital ordering processes:

  • / Simple ordering with a few clicks
  • / Order online 24/7
  • / Available by phone, Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Order parts when you want, where you want, and how you want.

  • / With a selection that covers all your needs and proposes interesting alternatives
  • / With a service that fits flexibly around your working day
  • / With an order process you can rely on


Find the right parts easily and intuitively. For us, this means a wide range of high-quality products for maintenance, servicing and repair - but that's not all. We want you to find the right part as easily as possible. Follow your intuition and find your products in the online store or here in the catalogue. Of course, you can also contact us personally.

  • / User knowledge, acquired through more than 120 years of experience in agriculture and agricultural technology.
  • / In 140 product categories, everything you need, from a single screw up to a complete engine.

Professional advice via all channels of communication:

  • / Online: with the smart spare parts finder
  • / Mobile: with the app
  • / Printed: in the catalogue
  • / Personal: with our experienced team on the phone
MW PARTS - our offer to you
MW PARTS - unser Angebot für dich

You arrive into the workshop in the morning and MW PARTS is already there. On your computer and smartphone or, if necessary, just a phone call away. MW PARTS is your colleague, your online office, your warehouse - all at once, and all in just a few clicks.



Your MW PARTS consultant knows the situation and can see things through your eyes. They can support you with up-to-date knowledge of new technologies and machines. We're there for you. Online, on the phone and, if you wish, in person at your location.
We are fast: You can place your order 24/7 and can choose from a variety of different shipping methods. No matter if rush order, fright forwarding or parcel service – your customer can rely on you and you can rely on us.


A wide range of original spare parts and high-quality OEM Brand products - we can supply you with everything you need when it comes to wear parts and spare parts for your machines. Whether during warranty, maintenance, service or a required repair – all of that without any compromise on quality and at an unbeatable price. It’s your decision.
And that is not all. You will also find all the accessories and bits and pieces you need to keep your workshop running. You take care of your projects; we take care of your daily needs.

Dein Lieferservice: die Maschine muss laufen
Deine Markenprodukte


This is not just something we say, it is what drives our product development. Professionals such as yourself know what matters. Our MW PARTS products must keep up with your expectations and requirements. Our products are tested in the workshop and further developed by users who work with them daily. From craftsmen like yourself, because all know what matters in the workshop. In short words: from professionals, for professionals.

Workshop trolleys & accessories Lubricants & coolants Operating & auxiliary materials MW PARTS full range


In your everyday life, things have to move fast. This is why we have developed a state-of-the-art online store. You can find your products quickly and intuitively. Regardless of whether you search for the part using the smart spare part finder, the barcode scanner, or the article number. Because time is money.

Zeit ist Geld