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Treckershampoo Konzentrat 1,5 L (WZ133040006)

Item-no.: WZ133040006

Brand:  MW Parts
MW Parts

MW PARTS Treckershampoo Konzentrat für die schnelle und gründliche Reinigung für Zwischendurch.

Für den gesamten Furhpark geeignet; sowohl für den Innen- u. Außenbereich Besonders schonend zu Lack, rohem Aluminium und Beschriftungen.

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Content Volumen
1.5 L
Suitable for
Oil, grease, road dirt and insect residues
Powerful against dirt, but mild and gentle on sensitive surfaces such as raw aluminium. Quickly and effortlessly removes a wide variety of dirt such as road grime, oil, grease and even dried insect residues indoors and outdoors.
MW PARTS tractor shampoo has been developed as an all-purpose cleaning concentrate and can be mixed with water in any ratio. Pre-mix the concentrate in the desired mixing ratio and apply with a pressure sprayer from bottom to top. After a short reaction time of 3-5 min., wash off the dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. In case of stubborn dirt, rework with a brush or sponge if necessary and rinse thoroughly. A trial application is recommended to determine the correct mixing ratio and to check the compatibility of the material. Do not apply to hot surfaces and do not allow to dry.
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