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High pressure adhesive lubricant HDP-180 400ml VPE:6 (WZ133020002/6)

Item-no.: WZ133020002/6

Brand:  MW Parts
MW Parts

Excellent for work in the agricultural workshop, as well as for industry, automotive and commercial purposes. It can be used universally; however, it is particularly suitable for the maintenance and lubrication of joints, hinges, locks, Bowden cables, suspension struts, stabilizers, chains, wire ropes, toothed racks, plastic bushings, springs, screw connections and the like. The high-quality lubricant contained in the product settles into the roughness depth of the surface to be treated, leaving a durable and pressure-resistant film. This is moisture repellent and absolutely resistant to cold, salty and hot water. Thus, it is particularly suitable for applications in humid areas, where a reliable lubricating and sliding effect is required even under corrosive conditions. When sprayed, the dilution effect of the propellant gas makes the active ingredient thin enough to ensure very good creep and crevice penetration properties. These excellent penetration properties ensure outstanding protection and lubrication. The EP additivized, semi-synthetic adhesive lubricant spray is both solvent- and silicone-free and does not attack O-rings, for example.

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Content Volumen
400 ml
Packaging unit
Ideal for permanent lubrication of highly stressed mechanical parts of all kinds, wide temperature range: -30° to +180°, silicone-free
Optimum temperature for use and storage: +10 to +30°C. Shake well before use. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated beforehand and spray directly on moving parts from a distance of approx. 15 - 20 cm, then allow to flash off. Remove excess lubricant and do not mix with other lubricants.
Spray can
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