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Multifunction oil MF 70 400ml (WZ133020003/24)

Item-no.: WZ133020003/24

Brand:  MW Parts
MW Parts

Very good for work in the agricultural workshop, as well as for industry, automotive and commercial purposes. This all-rounder is an indispensable must-have in every workshop. It lubricates, cleans and nourishes at the same time. The multifunctional oil reliably loosens seized screw connections and has particularly high lubricating properties. It penetrates even the smallest gaps. It is greasing, water displacing and prevents further rust formation due to the extra rust-preventing additives. This also makes it ideal for protecting locking cylinders, for example. It also infiltrates and displaces moisture, making it ideal for cleaning, maintenance and care of electrical contacts, fuses, relays and similar components. This indispensable all-rounder for agricultural machinery also offers very good dissolving power for mixtures of greases, oils and wet and dry dirt.

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Packaging unit
Rust dissolver
Reliably dissolves rust and at the same time protects against corrosion
Dissolving power
Very good dissolving power with own formulation
Application areas
Optimal for lubrication, cleaning and maintenance
Reliably dissolves rust and at the same time protects against corrosion, very good dissolving power with own formula, Optimal for lubrication, cleaning and care
Before use, clean the surface to be treated to remove coarse contamination, spray on selectively and allow to act. Repeat the process if necessary.
Spray can
Content Volumen
400 ml
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