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Low-friction engine oil UHPD LA Premium 10W-40 20L PU: 5 (WZ135000067/5)

Item-no.: WZ135000067/5

Brand:  MW Parts
MW Parts

is an all-season multi grade engine oil optimized for extended oil drain intervals and exhaust after treatment.

MW PARTS engine oil UHPD LA 10W-40 is a special HC synthetic low-friction engine oil for diesel engines with exhaust gas aftertreatment._x000D_ The state-of-the-art additives offer maximum fuel savings over the entire oil change interval due to excellent oxidation and aging stability. In addition, paint and sludge formation is significantly reduced due to the improved oxidation stability at high temperatures. The SAE 10W-40 viscosity range ensures reliable cold starting at low outside temperatures and full lubricity at high operating temperatures. MW PARTS engine oil SHPD LA 10W-40 has significantly improved shear stability and improved air separation properties and therefore meets the latest requirements according to API CK-4._x000D_ _x000D_ It has been tailored to the Euro V and Euro VI emissions standards and is used in extremely heavy-duty commercial vehicle and construction machinery diesel engines. Many vehicle and engine manufacturers recommend engine oils in the performance category 10W-40 for the longest oil residence times in turbo diesel engines._x000D_ _x000D_ The oil is backwards compatible and can also be used in older engines. The requirements according to API CJ-4, CI-4, CI-4 PLUS and CH-4 are met and exceeded and are therefore also ideally suited as a rationalization product for use in older vehicles.

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Content Volumen
20 L
Content weight
18.8 kg
SAE 10W-40
suitable for exhaust-optimized engines • reduced particle and nitrogen oxide emissions • suitable for long oil change times • good aging resistance • low evaporation loss • good viscosity stability • very good cold start properties • backwards compatible - also suitable for older engines
Recommendations for use Allison
C4 • CAT: ECF-1a • ECF-2 • ECF-3 • TO-2
Recommendations for use CNH
MAT 3571 • MAT 3572
Recommendations for use Cummins
CES 20076 • CES 20077 • CES 20081 • CES 20086 • CES 20092
Recommendations for use DAF
Extended Drain • DD: DFS 93K215 • DFS 93K218 • DFS 93K222
Recommendations for use Deutz
Recommendations for use TTCD-Motoren
15C110 (228.51) • 13D110 (235.28) • 15C100 (228.31) • 15C120 (228.52)
Recommendations for use Ford
Recommendations for use Iveco
Recommendations for use Claas
T2 E7 • 18-1804 Class TLS E9 • JD: JDQ 78 X
Recommendations for use Liebherr
Recommendations for use Mack
EOS-4.5 • EO-M Plus • EO-N • EO-N Premium Plus • EO-O Premium Plus
Recommendations for use MAN
M 3271-1 • M 3477 • M 3575 • M 3775
Recommendations for use MTU
Ölkategorie 2.1 • Ölkategorie 3.1
Recommendations for use Renault
RGD • RLD • RLD-2 • RLD-3 • RLD-4 • RXD
Recommendations for use Scania
LDF-LA (LOW ASH) • Voith Retarder Typ B
Recommendations for use Volvo
VDS-3 • VDS-4 • VDS-4.5
19.1 kg
API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 • API SN • JASO DH-2, DH-1
Packaging unit
336 x 383 x 225mm
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